Thursday, May 19, 2011

I feel I am surrounded by idiots in class

Do you think that your lack of self-confidence in the human race is reflected to those who are around you?  For me, I know I can't stand a whiner or crier or the pity me person.  While I will listen to them, I find that they don't lack the motivation to pull themselves out of a funk.  My good friend recently went through a bad spell with her boyfriend.  All I heard was how he was was this or that.  As a friend I listened, but the psychologist side of me was questioning where is her motivation to do something about it?  I get to the point that those who are negative or constantly find negative things to say to me find themselves alone.  I will focus on the positive and even though we slip from time to time, we need to be motivated about something.  

 A fellow student!
I think my lack of self confidence in the human race is not reflected to those around me because I do not associate with people who bring negativity in my life or people in my circle. Even though I tolerate, like you stated about your friend how you just listened, to a whiner, but I do voice my opinion afterward and dont let their situation affect my happiness. I especially, do not pity people under any circumstance because there are reasons for their doing, they made the choices, and they have to deal with it at the end of the day. I just try to stay focused on my life and those around me that stay positive because positive energy is what builds one's confidence, less of periodic depression stages, and enjoy it to the fullest potential possible.

Very interesting that you bring up the fact that you stay away from the negativity. In your bio, you say you are going to be a criminal psychologist aiding law enforcement in a better understanding of why the criminals do the things they do, very noble by the way. Criminals are very negative and will profess their incense until their death. How will you stay motivated to get up every day knowing that you are going to face 8 to 12 hours of negativity and still want to do that job? Do you have a way to purge out the negative things you encounter? I am following the same line of work, forensic psychologist, and sometimes the Jeffery Dahmers, and the John Wayne Gacy's introduce negativity in to my life, but as I finish the book or article or movie, I am more motivated to find

the fellow student
To stay motivated to get up every day knowing that I am going to face 8-12 hours of negativity and still want to do that job will be difficult probably. Having motivation to just listen and take in everything that is said, and try to handle things in a proper manner will be a struggle until I get adjusted to it. Although, as long as I stay focused, keep a positive attitude, and remain patient, I will be okay unless, something otherwise happens. Seeing I have never encountered this type of work or any person of that sort, I think it will be challenging in the beginning, yet I can adjust to it. If I feel that I can maintain it or work any longer in that field, I won't give up in general, but choose something in the same vicinity, probably.

So in other words you have no plan of action on how to keep the negativity out of  your everyday life. ~ Smart thinkin Lincoln.  

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