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Howard Garder

Howard Gardner realized he hit on something when he sat in a room full of administrators and principals in the early 80’s.  Gardner’s Quote “Stories are the single most powerful tool in a leader's toolkit (Howard Gardner Quotes, 2010).   Since then, multiple intelligence has gone from an extensively unclear topic to a cry for help in many schools, and almost ordinary in everyday life.  Taking a room full of young adolescent children and saying they all learn the same way is completely wrong.  Gardner once said that “We know that kids who do well on tests are smart, but we also know that a lot of kids who don't do well on tests are getting it. The question is not how smart people are but in what ways people are smart” (Traub, 1998). When one thinks of intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is the standard IQ test. Gardner has counted nine aptitudes thus far.  He chose to approach this subject differently by combining research and personal experience.  His nine include:
  1. Bodily kinesthetic which are mostly athletes, firefighters and actors. 
  2. Musical/Rhythmic which are musicians composers and radio announcers. 
  3. Verbal/ Lingustic who consisit of journalists, teachers and lawyers. 
  4. Logical/Mathmatical are those who are engineers programmers and accoutants. 
  5. Naturalists are farmers botanists and evnrionmental. 
  6. Visual/Spacial are navigators, sculptors and arcitects
  7. Existentialist are philosophers and theorists
  8. Interpersonal intelligence deals with those who can become counselors politicians and sales people.
  9. Intrapersonal intellgence people are mostly researchers novelists and those who are entrpeneurs.
Verbal Lingusitic learners have the ability to “think in words” and express meanings very clearly.  Many who are intelligent in this pie, tend to understand the meaning and order of words and have the ability to reflect on their own words and meaning of those words.  Many public speakers, Maya Angelou comes to mindwhile she can cross over into a few of the pieces of pie.  Maya has written many poems, plays and been guest speakers on several different talk shows.  When one has the opportunity to just listen to her, things come to mind that one may not normally think of.  Her words are elligent, sophisticated and well thought out.  Maya once said, “A bird does not sing because it has in answer, it sings because it has a song” (Angelou, 2011).  If the words are really studied, that sentence is very profound.  One may have to just take a moment and really think what Dr. Angelou is trying to convay.  Verbal Lingusitic people can learn from materials supplied with them in the classroom or in the library, They can learn in small groups, but they need to be taught how to take good notes before they reach college or they will be very confused.  They will need someone who is an auditory learner to aid them in studies. 
      Another unique idea of intelligence from Howard Gardner is musical.  Musical intelligence involves people who are always moving in some way.  Think of someone who is a musical artist, for me the first person who comes to mind is Liza Minnelli.  She her songs off the top of her head, she puts herself into the flow of the song, Ms. Minnelli certainly surrounds herself with various musical artist.  Her mother was one of the most famous women when it comes to ones she surrounded herself with.  Imagine someone who is not even close to being an extravert as Ms. Minnelli getting out on stage and belt out Cabaret.  Someone different singing something as beautiful as Cabaret would not be as beautiful. 
            Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence would certainlly impact one’s life.  Being of Kinesthetic intelligence, one must have the potenital of using one’s entire body to solve problmes.  One uses mental to coordinate bodily movements Mr. Gardner says that mentand and physical activity are very highly related.  (Smith, 2008) A kinesthetic learner would be someone like Lance Armstrong.  Lance has to prepaire by using both mental and physical things he has learned over the course of his training in order to win the next Tour De France.  Lacking any one of these there is no possible way that he could even come close to winning a race. 
            While each one of Howard Gardners models of intelligent bring to light mixtures of every human being to some degree, taking the time to sit down and really study each of his nice models, a person can see just where they come from and possibly where the best career path would be.  Each level, bodily kinisthetic, one can see a peer or firend being one of those, and possibly one way or another the one taking the test.  A good example of a famous person one would recognize as a music can be Jay-Z or someone else that is popular such as Bach or Beethoven.  A verbal linguistic will use their mind verbally to express their thoughts in a very diplomatic way.  Think of someone like Diane Sawyer or Tom Brokaw. Would one believe that Henry Ford is an example of an engineer?  He logical and imagine how well he did on anything dealing with math or calculations.  We all recognize Ed Begley Jr. from the very 1980’s show where St. Elsewhere, many would place him in the Kinesthetic category, but actually over the past few years he has become very famous in the “green” community.  Someone such as Auguste Rodin who created the “the thinker statue” is certainly someone who is uses visual intelligence when creating something as beautiful as that particular statue.  Philosophers and Theorists fall into Howard Gardner’s Existentialist intelligence catgory.  Many of theose are who are studied in psychology courses around the wold.  Interpersonal intelligence is someone who is seeking a degree in psychology, they have strong desire to help others.  A intrapersonal intelligent person seeks to hide in a way from reality by writing books. 
            Seeking to find one’s own self in what Howard Gardner has laid down as forms of intelligence is pretty easy.  Look at what one likes to do.  Never chose to be someone because the family wants a Doctor or a Lawyer in the family; do it because it is a passion and a part of the gentetic makeup of who you are.  Each can take a little away from Gardner, he once said, I believe that the brain has evolved over millions of years to be responsive to different kinds of content in the world; Language content, musical content, spatial content, numerical content, etc.”  (Howard Gardner Quotes, 2010).


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