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Improving Organization Retention Paper

Improving Organization Retention
Attempting to run an organization is not easy as it sounds and trying to have it be a success is even more challenging.   There are several facets that should be considered when there is the same purpose and goal in mind.  Having the intention to succeed will not ensure that a company will without others and leaders wanting to reach the same goal.  There are many things that could possibly interfere with this process, such as gender, culture, different conceptions and ideas and even one’s age.  Finding leadership that is motivated is immensely important to the turnover rate of an organization.  If a company has the right leader, the organization will prosper and the turnover rate will be lower.  If there is someone who is less motivated in an organization, it is possible there could be more mistakes than normal.  There could be frustration develop if the right leadership is not in place.  In this scenario, it is visible how unproductive the organization of JC’s Casino is.  Because of these problems, this paper will discuss how incorporating motivation theories will aid in retention as well as recruitment to the casino.  Also mentioned will be various occupational stressors that influence recruitment and retention.  Job satisfaction and the influence it plays on the casino will be discussed in addition to making proposals for job improvement
JC’s Casino
            There are many problems plaguing JC’s Casino. Some problems can be found with the employees working at the casino, but others can be attributed to the lack of professionalism in the leaders and management of the casino.  The pay is reasonable but employees are still unhappy and resorting to leaving.  There are many different things that contribute to the problem.  The pit boss being disrespectful and uncooperative for instance, also the fact that there is more responsibility on those who have chosen to remain with the casino and the unorganization that is visible without a strong leader.  The lack of leadership causes guests to become frustrated at check in when rooms are not available, when the industry standard 3 pm.  The fact that additional people have to be hired in order to ensure guests luggage are not bothered until check in extremely inconvenient. 
Motivation Theories
It is very easy to see what the problems are with JC’s Casino.  Communication between employees and owners is just one example of problems plaguing the casino.  Tom Sneed, the director of human resources needs to learn how to discuss concerns with the owners and pit boss.  Without correct communication problems will continue to be unheard and not be fixed.  It is imperative that Tom Sneed communicates with management because he has to find a way to address the problems and explain why the problems are there in the casino. It is vital to communicate because many times some do not recognize that the way they are doing something is incorrect.  Possibly showing the pit boss how others are noticing issues may help him change.   Another issue is motivation.  It appears that it is very low throughout the entire casino.  It is documented that the pay is better at JC’s Casino, but employees are still leaving for other positions.  One can say that it is not just worth income to have people stay at a job, however having the security of money is not enough; other motivational reinforcements could be an incentive to stay.  A reinforcement theory states that giving a reward will help change ones behavior to the correct one.  While better pay is a good incentive, it does not seem to be enough.  Possibly some kind of tuition assistance could help however it is important to know what he or she is looking for in order to keep them employed.  Generating a questionnaire and asking employees to answer them could reveal how to keep employees.  Being able to comprehend the needs of every employee will be able to help that employee feel as if he or she belongs to an organization and that that organization is invested in them (Jex & Britt, 2002).
There are other theories that can help motivate a group of employees to improve morale.  To define what kind of theory to be used can be based on the need of the company.  Maslow’s Need Hierarchy can be used to also promote motivation at the casino.   In Maslow’s Theory, it is explained how certain needs must be met prior to advancing on to others.  Based on Maslow’s theory, pay plays a major role so an employee can provide for his or her family.  After that need is meet with other needs will come to the surface to be filled.  A love need means one is capable of having social relationships and having a feeling of belonging.  This brings up the feelings towards Joe the pit boss.  It is critical to find out what it is that the cause is and how to rectify those feelings.  If employees do not feel comfortable at work, the pay will not suffice enough to keep them from leaving as is evident in the turnover rate at this company.  Establishing a comfortable work environment people will become more apt to impress management and think twice before choosing to leave the casino.  Needs theories are sometimes difficult for an organization to fulfill because it is an independent need.  Each person is different with personal needs, organizations can attempt to supply some needs but it is impossible for the needs to be meet completely (Jex & Britt, 2002).     
            A theory that has been well researched is the goal-based theory, which is, “goal setting is the process of developing, negotiating, and formalizing the targets or objectives that a person is responsible for accomplishing” (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2008, p. 121).   There seems to be no goals directly set by JC’s Casino.  By supplying specific goals even the more difficult the goal to be the more it will help the business become functional and even a higher job performance by the employees.  The control theory works along side the goal setting theory by giving feedback.  A practical approach could be using the job-based theory as well as cognitive process theory.  Implementing more than one theory will help address every issue (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2008). 
Occupational Stressors
There are several occupational stressors that are causing employees to not be satisfied with the Casino.  Lack of communication seems to be making the employees at the casino upset.  Occupational stressors are causing employees to feel unsatisfied at JC’s Casino.  Not having the right type of communication or lack there of is causing an unpleasant environment for the workers of the casino.  Not communicating as well as being afraid to communicate can be detrimental to an organization.  The pit boss is know to be “toxic, overbearing, evil, and incompetent”, this only leads to additional stress on the employees where they feel they are being treated unfairly, unimportant as well as unequal.  These factors combined with absenteeism do not help recruitment or retention.   The goal needs to be finding ways to make the company more appealing.  Based on Spector, the ultimate goal is overall satisfaction of the worker if this occurs then that can lead to better health, (2008).  Implementing flexible work hours, workers sharing responsibility and the workers suggesting ways they can make their work environment better all will create positive feelings and thus generate a more productive output. 
Recommendations for Improving Job Satisfaction
            Job satisfaction comes from the work environment as well as the job.  First, someone needs to take a look at the skills that are needed for the organization.  Doing this makes sure that the right person is hired for the right job.  If someone feels positive about his or her job, the more likely he or she is to be satisfied.  One way to control this is by having the right team leaders.  In todays work environment, it is not only the job of a manager to give our direction, it is his or her job to coach, support and mentor other employee’s.  It is imperative to get the HR director and the Pit Boss to do this.  It is both the environment as well as the job that contribute to job satisfaction.  It is critical to plan the appropriate goals for the casino, as well as create work structures, leading by motivation and controlling in a way that is positive.  Providing flexible working hours, up to date technology will also show the employee that he or she is important and valued.  If the pay is satisfactory, and justice is right, there should be no more problems with job satisfaction (Cascio & Aguinis, 2005).
Counterproductive Employee Behavior at the Casino
            Counterproductive behavior will be experienced in every workplace at some time.  What is counterproductive behavior?  It is absenteeism, turnover, and lateness.  JC’s Casino is suffering from these as well as inept management, contaminated relationships, unsatisfied customers.  Every one of these hinders the progress of attaining the goals.   Finding out the reason behind the absenteeism is essential.  There could be problems at home, lack of affordable childcare, and one’s culture could all be leading to this problem.  So, by creating an on-site childcare facility, for instance, could solve this type of problem.  Hiring additional staff or possibly on call staff should an absence occur would be helpful so that the staff that is scheduled and there does not get overloaded.  Having contaminated relationships at the work place can never be a positive thing.  Providing gatherings outside work could help employees get to know each other better.  Training for management can make the JC’s Casino become a successful organization (Cascio & Aguinis, 2005).     
            The saying an establishment is only as their employee’s is very true, especially this case.  For any organization to succeed, it needs to be able to employ people that know their job and are passionate about their job.  It is important to know what motivates employees, how to motivate a team, and what stress comes with work as well as how counterproductive behaviors can destroy the workplace.  The success of a corporation is subject to those up the chain.  However if there is any kind of breakdown the entire association will suffer.  Doing everything possible to keep a corporation running healthy is key. 

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