Saturday, February 2, 2013

Motivation Behind Becoming A Trauma And Crisis Counselor

If one takes a look at society today, often times its death, destruction, poverty, or some kind of addition. We hear a bout wars in various counties, even local wars that are affecting human beings.  In a recent news story, I was inspired by the love and compassion that was afforded this young little girl in a Chicago Suburb.  Her name is Sharonda McNichles, born addicted to drugs and alcohol so from the beginning the odds were against her (Baichwal, 2012).  Today she is an active member of the Joffery Ballet’s production of  “The Nutcracker”.   This shows that regardless of the odds, if the right staff is in place, then anything is possible.  She is not completely healthy; there are obvious signs of residual trauma that is seen during her school day and with children who trigger her into cycling every seven minutes.  However, seeing that someone who had every odd against her can overcome challenges with the right support certainly is in the forefront of my mind when asked why I chose this profession.
The mission statement that is outlined in the Counseling Program Student Guide where every student is afforded the chance to morph themselves into somone who can change society  (Walden University, 2012).  Here again this circles back around my choice of selecting this field of education was because I can make a positive change in the life of just one individual then it may in some small way begin the snowball effect.  I also appreciated the various video’s presented of graduates who’ve gone on to make a difference in their commuities.  Krisit Cannon, PhD, made a powerful statement when she said “… we (don’t) work with widgets we work with humam beings so you have to be in this because you want to be in this”  (Walden Faculty Staff Biography, 2012).  Another faculty member I found inspiring was Dr. Robyn Trippany, Ed.D. her approach in learning.  She states that while textbooks are good, sometimes finding that right relation to real life will give that part of the text meaning and more understanding.  That ah-ha moment when a client sees they had it in them the whole time (Walden Faculty Staff Biography, 2012).
Finally, I think that each one of the faculty members encourage new students to stick with it, that while nerves kick in the first three or four days that the staff is there to have you succeed.  I think that each one of us have stepped into our next academic journey, some have recently graduated, while others have taken some time off and may be feeling nervous about writing.  Either way Walden University is designed to help future counselors succeed and then grow to train further counselors. 

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